What is a Defector?

Welcome to the inaugural post of Defector! I hope to share with you some of my thoughts on what it means for a young adult to be a Christian, some of the challenges that go along with that choice, and how to handle tough situations with grace, love, and patience.

So, what’s with the name? It’s kind of weird….

Yes.  It’s weird.  But that’s kind of the point.

When I was first inspired to write this blog I started to do research on how to start a blog, and of course, the first thing the expert bloggers of the world tell you to do is pick a name and then a topic that you feel passionate about.  I was Googling all this while on vacation in Florida.  The TV was on in the background of our beach house living room and one of those ill-thought-through Taco Bell commercials came on.  You know, the ones about how Taco Bell is serving breakfast now. The commercial consists of short interviews with people who have recently purchased a Taco Bell breakfast and they’re talking about how great it is (which, by the way, I have a hard time believing.  I’m from the south and I know what real biscuits are.  And I don’t care how bad your mom is at cooking.  She cooks better than Taco Bell, I promise.  But I digress…).  The commercial ends with a chorus of teenagers saying “I am a Breakfast Defector.”  As stupid as these ads are, they got me thinking about the word ‘defector’ itself.  A defector is someone who voluntary gives up allegiance to a country or cause, particularly in order to adopt allegiance to another.  This is an essential part of becoming a Christian.  Romans 12:2 advises us to deny the world that we live in, a world that provides comfort, and choose to live instead in the presence of God.  We are to be transformed by this decision. Choosing to live in allegiance to God rather than to the world means to admit to yourself and to God that you are not perfect, that you have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Choosing to live in allegiance to God rather than to the world means believing that Christ was sent to earth to make the ultimate sacrifice for all sins, for all time, and that you are wholly dependent on this sacrifice in order to be come into the presence of God.  Choosing to live in allegiance to God rather than to the world is by no means considered “cool,” and it never has been.  Just look at the life of Christ if you want some prime examples.  But the reward of our love for and faith in Jesus Christ far outweighs any discomfort, dissatisfaction, or distress that we feel on this earth.  So yes, defectors are not perfect, defectors are not cool, and defectors are weird, but this our choice.

I hope that I am able to spark some good discussions by publishing this blog, so by all means, add your comments!  I would love to know what topics or issues you would like me to talk about in the future.

Welcome to the blog, and stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “What is a Defector?

  1. Hi Lizzie, thank you for this post, as it is so good to be reinforced by “the pilgrim church on earth” today, a day in which I am struggling. (I elaborate on my post here: https://gospelisosceles.wordpress.com if you care to check it out. I am interested in more posts about the defector life and how you are strengthened amidst all the Taco Bell-like garbage. Peace to you, sister.


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