With the passing of each year comes a new opportunity for change and for self-betterment.  #newyearnewme.  Some of us truly resolve to change and are marginally successful.  However, the majority of our New Year’s resolutions go unfulfilled.  We’ve all seen the meme of the empty gym in December and the packed gym in January.  If we all followed through, the gym would be packed year round.  Unmet goals have the tendency to stare at me and make me feel guilty and unsuccessful, so it is important to set realistic goals that can actually be met.  Start out simple.  You don’t have to run a marathon to prove that you are working toward a healthier lifestyle.  You don’t need to quit your job in order to evangelize.  You just need to be consciously committed to the baby steps.  With these things in mind, here are my realsolutions for 2016:

1. Use social media less

I don’t use social media as often as I used to, but I want to continue to decrease my use of social media, and my phone in general, so I can be more present with the people around me. Real face-to-face relationships are the things that are going to last, not the relationships we have with the “friends” on our phones

2. Be more conscious of where I spend my money

This semester, a friend told me that the best way to gauge where your heart is invested is to look at your credit card statements.  Are you spending money on things that will last? Are you giving money back to the church to further God’s kingdom?  For me, especially in the last semester, the answer has undeniably been no. I want saving to become a priority for me.  I would rather save and invest in my future than spend money on the clothes that I am bearing on my back today.

3. Spend more time with God

Being disciplined in my quiet time has always  been a struggle for me.  It comes in waves; I will get excited about a new Bible study, stick with it for about a week, and then go back to letting my quiet time get crowded out of my busy days.  I have a desire to change this, even though it may be hard at first.  Making time for God should always be a priority in my life.

4. Enjoy spontaneous things more

I have a very type-A personality.  You should see my planner.  Chances are, if it’s not in my planner at least two days in advance, I won’t go.  Spontaneous plans and I don’t get along well.  But spontaneous plans always turn into the best kinds of stories.  I need to learn the art of the whim.  College is the best time to enjoy the whim, and I need to take full advantage of that.  I want to smile and laugh more, and I want to enjoy time with the people in my life who matter, no matter if it was on my calendar or not.

I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas break, and I am excited to see how God will work in our lives in 2016!

One thought on “Realsolutions

  1. Great post, Lizzie. I wish you success with your resolutions. They sound like really good ones. I, long ago, gave up making new year’s resolutions. I was not good in keeping them which could say something about my constitution, or else my resolutions weren’t realistic in the first place.
    You, I know, can do anything……..well, almost anything.


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