The 20th is coming…

June 16, 2016

Today is the first day where I am starting to be truly okay with the idea of going home. Up until this point, the thought has been bitter-sweet.  I miss my family and my dogs and being home, but I am also falling in love with another part of the world.

The other day in class, Shawn asked us what all we were learning here.  The question yielded such answers as:


My answer is appreciation.  I now have an appreciation for the power of theater, the way other governments work, air conditioning, the things I have at home, and the people that I love.  It’s hard to be away from home for a month. It’s one thing when I’m in Fayetteville, just five hours away from home.  But to be 5000 miles away is a tad more daunting.

Today we had class this morning to discuss some of the plays that we’ve seen in the past few days, and the process for getting to the airport/home, since that is happening in just 4 short days.

After class I spent a lovely few hours at Covent Garden Market.  Since it was a week day, there were not a ton of booths that were open, but there was still lots of good shopping to be done.  But first things first, lunch.  I had a crepe from Creme de la Crepe that contained basil, goat cheese, pesto, and sun-dried tomatoes.  Yummy.  I shopped around for a little while after this, but I can’t disclose what all I bought because several of the items may or may not be for certain people who live in Texas. I will tell you that I went to an adorable little tea shop that sold many different kinds of loose leaf tea in little pastel tins.  I couldn’t resist them they were so cute! I bought two, mostly because they were having a buy one get one 50% off sale.  So you know, I had to.  I also got a little tube of chocolate covered espresso beans.  So good.

The next item on my agenda was The Woman In Black.  Less scary and a different presentation than the 2012 Daniel Radcliffe film.  Plus it helped that several groups of school children were there screaming at the top of their lungs after every jump-scare. This served to take me out of the world a little bit and calm my nerves, oddly enough.  The play is performed by only two credited actors, plus the Woman in Black, who has no lines.  It always amazes me when two actors tell a story rich with so many characters.  It shows a talent and diversity that takes a lot of skill.

After the show, I had about an hour to go back, chill at the hostel, and charge my phone before leaving for our evening show.  Human Animals follows the stories of six people in a dystopian world where foxes and pigeons have overpopulated in London.  As a result, chemical warfare has been waged against the animals, and an unfortunate district of the city has been quarantined to prevent the spread of disease and chaos.  I didn’t like it.  Dystopian society stories always freak me out a little too much.  However, I did appreciate how it was presented.  The space was tiny, and I think that it part of the reason that it was so powerfully effective.  Also, I hated one of the characters.  This was the intent of the playwright, and if I do indeed hate that character, then the actor has done his job.  the small cast worked well together to present this piece.

We are all back at the hostel and blogging now.  Jonathan or Alexa or somebody is about to give me a henna tattoo.  We have the morning free tomorrow, then we have a tour of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and an evening show, Blue/Orange.


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