Clean cup, clean cup! Move down, move down, move down.

June 17, 2016

Today I took high tea with Alexa and Jonathan at Patisserie Valerie.  It was a wonderful experience, and I’m really sad that we don’t often take part in it in America.

High tea can cost upwards of £50 per person, but we got a pretty good deal.  Afternoon tea for two cost us £25, and we split it between three people, so we each paid £8. Totally worth it. I have always liked tea, but I am falling in love with it all over again here in London.


This three tiered feast consisted of:

-several scones
-carrot cake
-a blackberry jelly thing
-chocolate cake
-butter, lots of butter
-little baby jars of jam
-smoked salmon sandwiches
-cucumber sandwiches
-chicken, pesto, and sun-dried tomato sandwiches
-ham, mustard, and lettuce sandwiches
-egg salad sandwiches
-bell pepper quiches

Yum. So good. All of the food here is so good! But, I have to say, my favorite tea has been the tea that we have every morning right here at the Pickwick.

This casual tea room was a great place for us to have our first high tea experience.  We were able to dress casually and enjoy ourselves, and most importantly, save money.  I’m very happy that we got the chance to have high tea here in London.




5 thoughts on “Clean cup, clean cup! Move down, move down, move down.

  1. I had high tea once. It was in Canada, Victoria Island actually. It was such fun with so many goodies to eat and several teas to sample. It might have been one of those occasions when I had to have one of each…….maybe two of some. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Surely there are some places in this metroplex that serve high tea if you wanted to do a comparison. Cram in as much as you can before you have to come home. XXOO


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