The Last Supper

June 19, 2016

The last day…I was okay until I sat down to write this post, and now I feel like crying.  I fallen in love with this place and have grown so close to these classmates who have become my friends.  I’m ready for the comforts of home and to see the people that I love, but parts of of heart now belong to London and the friends I made here.

We all got up this morning and met for about half an hour to discuss the departure process for tomorrow morning.  Then I went with Emily and David to Leicester Square to buy our tickets for Who’s Line is it Anyway?

Then we set off on a grand adventure to Brick Lane Market.  Due to lots of engineering work and line closures on the tube, it was very difficult to get there. We ended up walking probably like 3 miles today just to and from various tube stations. But we eventually found the market! Brick Lane Market was the most ethnically diverse market that I have been to.  The indoor food market had lots of exotic foods. I had Turkish food for the first time today. The dish was called gozlemeh and was a very thin flat bread thing filled with spinach, mushrooms, and feta.  It was delicious! It was cooked on a griddle, and had the mysterious ability to burn my hands, but not burn my mouth.

Then we left for our matinee performance of Who’s Line? Hilarious.  I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard! So funny.  The cast included the original British host, Clive Anderson, and improvisers Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood, and Jeff Davis. So, so funny.  I wish I could’ve seen the evening show as well. The magic of improv is every show is different and just as funny as the last.  After the show, we stopped at Five Guys and I got a grilled cheese.

We returned to the hostel, and I have been packing on and off since then.  We took a little break to go to the grocery store and get a little snack.  We’re all blogging together in the living room now, listening to music, and feeling emotional about leaving each other.  I will miss this place and these people dearly. I am so thankful for this amazing experience abroad.

Tomorrow I will post my Henry V blog, which I haven’t gotten to yet, and a big last thoughts post.  In 24 hours I will be back in Dallas! Excited and sad at the same time.  See you soon, America!


2 thoughts on “The Last Supper

    1. It goes without saying that we are all glad you have gotten to experience this last month and all its wonders. We will, however, be glad to have you back home. All of us will. After some rest time for you, I hope we can hear all about it. XXOO


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